Thursday, March 20, 2008

tulips on the way

just popping in to say… happy 1st day of spring!!
it is on it’s way you know.

and be sure to take a moment to check out the google home page.
they always bring a smile.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

and the beat goes on

i can’t say that i have been absent from blogland for all this time….oh, no way! just absent from posting on this blog.

some ways i’ve been filling my time…with new toys, new ideas, old stand-bys, and sure, a few things to waste my time.

those writers.
 i think we’ve moved on. we may have even begun to learn-to-live-without them. and just when they are about  to go back to work.
i’m not a huge tv watcher but i do like a good bit of interesting noise coming from that box to knit with now and again. at first i thought i may not be able to live w/o my weekly Grey’s Anatomy fix. well, thanks to the strike i found some new, fun, and sometimes interesting stuff.

 gotta love cable. i’ve always had it, just was never dependent on it.
anthony bourdain you rock! fun to watch. this guy goes to everyday and out-of-the-way places but his take on things and his willingness to experience life is over the top. jamie oliver’s new cooking show “at home with jamie”, on saturday mornings of course is amazing. is that really YOUR home jamie? how adorable, where’s jules? does she live there with you? darn!  celebrity rehab. (shocking for my list, i know!) a friend got me hooked on this show. and now that i’ve started watching that Dr. Drew is everywhere…talk shows, Oprah’s magazine…so i’m not the only one. hey, it was better than watching all the gossip about brittany everynight on E! interesting tv and the doc, i like him and i really like his assistant. (someone told me i remind them of her, hum? i’ll just take that as a compliment).

i never thought i would enjoy watching shows on a 2×3 inch screen with bifocals.
but my new christmas toy is awesome. and besides all the great stuff ”in my ears” that i’ve shared here before, there’s great stuff to watch on my video ipod.
i been watching a few different series that are offered on the Sundance Channel (which we don’t get on tv).
One Punk Under God…a documentary done by and about jay baker, jim and tammy faye baker’s son who is now a pastor of a very cutting-edge church, trying to pull his life together, and remain sane after being raise by those parents. and….Iconoclasts. pairs up two famous icons in unrelated fields and they share a glimpse inside their lives. like following them through their thoughts, days, and lives. interesting to watch.

yoga, yoga, yoga.
i head to the studio twice now most weeks. love it! and i’m seeing and feeling great results.

 all this snow has made for a winter of cozy knitting. this season i’ve knitted through some hats, mittens, scarfs, a sweater…..just to name a few.
i live my life in rows.

next up?
 i’d like to talk about my new cookbooks and new found blog finds.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

finding balance

this summer when camping on lake michigan i was at a different area of the shoreline. one i had never been to before. the sand was covered in rocks. they were everwhere. it was really interesting. most of the sandy shores of lake michigan don’t have rocks and the other interesting thing was that most of these rocks had something in common.

they were different colors. mostly grey, tan and rust. they were all very smooth and they were all oval or round but they all seemed to have a flat side.
this made them easy to stack. they would balance. one on top of another.

i walked around gathering rocks and carried them back to my beach chair, stacking them in groups of three all around where i was sitting. when it was time to leave i had a very heavy beach bag.
i now have a few sets of these around the house. they remind me of the beach but mostly they remind me to try to stay balanced.

i tried my first yoga class last night. i worked hard for 90 minutes at balancing my body, my mind, my breathing, and sometimes all those things at once.
but if nothing else, you know what i noticed as i was finishing up in the last five minutes of class?
i had not thought about one other thing, my mind had not wonder once in 90 minutes. i’m not sure if that’s ever happened to me before.

i would say that was finding some kind of balance…at least for a time.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

the moods of christmas

just a week away….

i’ve got a full 2 weeks off for Winter Break but with working right up until the Holidays i feel this need to have everything ready. i’ve just got a few “to-do” items left on my list.

with the past 3 weekends of snow storms and ice storms i’ve been in the mood for doing lots of at home baking and crafting.
food network and old movie watching on TBS. (that TV station is so fun for day long, one after another, movie favorite). also puts me in that Holiday mood.

i’ve been relaxing and doing some great reading too!
all said….it’s been a pretty good, pre-holiday season.

this past saturday, early in the day, just before the 8″ snow storm was suppose to hit we took a trip downtown. it just isn’t Christmas without visiting the windows at my favorite Anthropologie Store and a trip down Michigan Ave. this year we also made a new stop at the Daley Plaza to see the Outdoor German Christmas Market.

great huge snow flakes, flying through the city in the backseat of a taxi cab, catching glimpses of Macy’s Christmas windows pass by the car window and beautiful lights everywhere you look, shoppers rushing with bags of goodies, and a fashion show of scarves.

Christmas in Chicago on a cold, snowy day…
it puts you in the mood.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

wisdom comes with age

okay so maybe Granny didn’t pour herself a tall, cool Cosmo and put Ben Harper on the Bose just before she began chopping the garlic. pulling out every pot and pan she owned, and filling the sink with dirty dishes.

and  there was a reason that she saved the old Frigidare from the trash pile and said it should go to the garage for extra storage at holiday time.
and believe me…she knew what she was doing when she said she needed no help in the kitchen the few days prior to the holidays.

i’ve got the whole clan coming here for 4-5 days. i love to feed them, but i love to relax with them too.

i’ve never been much for too much pre-planning, i mean REAL pre-planning and pre-prep before the “big day”.  this year i thought i’d give it a try. thought i try something a bit more relaxing.

i did the lists, menus, shopping…this past weekend. i finished my shopping, pulled into my driveway and unloaded half my stuff and then drove to my neighbor’s, feed their cats, and fish, watered some plants, and took in the mail (they’re in Florida) and filled their refrig too! 

i did some pre-prep for food this evening. so relaxing. just me, myself and the food.

so far, so good. i”ll let you know how it works out. could be a plan for me to keep!!!!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

don’t stir that java —”spin” it

it’s like finding a buck in your morning cup of coffee.
a way to try something new for free.
trading cards for adults.
addictive…just like the beans.

have you been to Starbuck’s lately?
nothing free will last forever.
get ‘em while you can.
just like everything at Starbuck’s, it’s marketing that’s works.

Song of the Day.
fun times.
good tunes.
 i’m not going to say how many cards i have, swap party anyone!!!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

virtually living

is it a “good thing”?

is the world of technology scary or exciting?

here’s 2 interest, little facts.

#1….the first text-message was sent in 1992, today there are more text-messages sent per day than there are population of people in the world.

#2….if My Space were a Country, it would be the 8th largest Country in the World.


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Thursday, September 27, 2007

all buttoned up

90 degree day after 90 degree day….

there was finally a bit of fall in the air this morning. i think i’m ready. as much as i’ve loved my little get-aways to the chicago lakefront this summer on saturday and sunday afternoons to sit and read at the beach, i may be ready for apples, flannel sheets, campfires, snuggling in and some new fall season TV shows.

i wore a wrap-around-your-neck-twice scarf today. gotta love scarf weather. you know, not cold enough for a coat but just right for a scarf, sweater or maybe a jacket.

speaking of sweaters…my “juliet sweater”…you know the one that stopped me in my tracks. she was done in under 2 weeks. i told you i HAD to have her. and if this weather continues it looks like i’ll be able to wear that sweater in the next few days.

 good thing i picked up some buttons for her yesterday. and good thing she only needs 2…they were $5.25 each. but they’re perfect for her and you know how those heroines can be….so demanding. right up to their dramatic FINISH!!!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

stop you in your tracks

sometimes this “knitting thing” will just stop you in your tracks.

sometimes that’s what i want it to do for me. it’s what i need in my life. drop-dead, stop me in my tracks and take me away from everything else. like a really good novel.

if you’re not a knitter (or some type of artist) you just don’t understand.

the past 2 days i’ve been working on a sample for my knitting class. i have a few saturday workshops planned and the 1st one is Pumpkins. the Felted Pumpkins from last years Fall Issue of . look under archives if you want to see them or get the free pattern. i had a good feeling about this one….tonight i threw all the pieces into the washing machine and after the felting and shaping i have the CUTEST, yep  pinch-it’s-cheeks cute, fall pumpkin you’ve ever seen. wish i had time to make more. i made a traditional squash color but wouldn’t one be cute in a cinderella green pumpkin color wool or a beautiful creamy white too!!!! something tells me i’ll be casting on for another right along with the gals in class.

i’m also on the mailing list for sarah and rachel’s updates and those girls at emailed me their new pattern this weekend. the Juliet Sweater was way too tempting. and it’s a top-down, love that! yep, it’s on the needles too in Malabrigo yarn, sharing time with a 2nd chevron scarf and hubby’s sweater.

i started my Christmas to-do list too….i may have to start burning some midnight oil….if i weren’t so tired after work.

it’s fall after all. let the knitting fever begin.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

five things

1……i’m back at work. sometimes i don’t know whether to phrase it back at work or back at school. half the people i know ask me if i’ve gone back to work, some people say, are you back at school. interesting huh? it’s my job, it’s a lot of work. but i’m glad to be back even tho it’s an amazing, tiring, challenge for me.

2… all the years we have lived in our house i’ve had an un-finished concrete floor in my home office. i had a beautiful Pergo floor in my office for about 1 week. yeah, the “hundred year rains” took it with a little trickle of water in our basement. (well, it wasn’t the hundred year rains, we do, on very rare occasion get that small bit of rain-water). i’m sad. so it is all removed and we are going with plan B.

3…..i’ve brought a bit of knitting with me to work to keep in my desk drawer this year for stolen moments!!!!

4……i was introduced to Indian Food this summer by my daughter. i’ve only tried a few things but so yummy.  yesterday on my trip to Trader Joe’s i picked up some new items to sample. it’s so fun to try new foods.

5……i got new glasses yesterday.

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